12-32 vs 14-42 (ii) vs 14-45

Started Mar 18, 2014 | Discussions thread
Tom Axford Veteran Member • Posts: 4,282
12-32 is an outstanding lens

I am very surprised that so many people find the 14-45 best. I had both 12-32 and 14-45 for a while, but have not kept the 14-45, because I found it was totally superseded by the 12-32, except of course for the lesser focal length at the tele end.

When I got the 14-45 as a kit lens with the GF1 about 4 years ago, I was extremely impressed by its image quality. However, in my experience since getting the 12-32 three months ago, it gives even better image quality than the 14-45. When its diminutive size is taken into account as well, it is a really outstanding lens, one of the real stars of the MFT line up in my opinion.

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