What advantage does the Rokinon 14mm have over the kit lens?

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Re: What advantage does the Rokinon 14mm have over the kit lens?

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JNR wrote:

I wonder why Samyang decided to release a 16mm lens for APSc. That differential from kit (or some very nice zooms that start at 16mm or 17mm) is more open to question.

The 16mm is an F2.0 lens a whole stop and more faster than any zoom that covers 16mm or close... excluding the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8

No doubt about it, MM - the 16mm is unique, and will be especially attractive for shooters in the other mounts that don't have decent quality around the 24mm FF field of view. Pentax has the 15mm - which is a fine, but not fast, lens for the money. On the other hand, regarding the f/2, how much speed do you need in an UWA given the low light capabilities of current sensors?

Personally i want to play with a 14mm F1.4 on FF really i see a use for it, for very wide field shallow DOF type photography

And, as long as Samyang had decided that the company was going to offer a 10mm lens - it just seems to me that should have been more of a priority than getting the 16mm out first.

Wasn't the 10mm cancelled?

Also Keep in mind their next step is to offer AF

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