What advantage does the Rokinon 14mm have over the kit lens?

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Re: What advantage does the Rokinon 14mm have over the kit lens?

JNR wrote:

I generally agree with the replies above. Optically, the Pentax kit is quite good, but it really improves once you get to about 21 or 24mm, and stopped down to around f/5.6. This distances a quality 14mm like the Samyang/Rokinon even further from the kit. Not that we are anticipating full frame digital for Pentax anytime soon, but the 14mm lens does cover it, so it can be shot on a film camera if one is so inclined.

I wonder why Samyang decided to release a 16mm lens for APSc. That differential from kit (or some very nice zooms that start at 16mm or 17mm) is more open to question.

The 16mm is an F2.0 lens a whole stop and more faster than any zoom that covers 16mm or close... excluding the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8

As for the CPL issue, it is a concern, but not a huge factor. As you get so wide in perspective, polarization tends become rather spotty with the varying angle light paths. This can be harder to correct than the options available in post to enhance a non-polarized image lacking saturation. Although a CPL is your only real solution for extreme reflections (such as water surfaces).

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