Sharing travel photography original full size files with travel companions, yes or no?

Started Mar 19, 2014 | Discussions thread
DenWil Veteran Member • Posts: 3,653
Rarely asked,

since I am never the person taking "travel" pics and my friends don't ask for presents often. They instinctively don't want to impinge  on what I do for a living.

When some shot comes from my camera that a friend wants a copy of they get a full 65MB finished  TIFF  and if that is not useable for them they also get a 1.5 MB matching JPEG. Takes a minute in this day and technical age to transfer images to a drive or dropbox.

I do not harbor  the obsessive   compulsive  control/ possession issues that seem to plague some folks. Certainly not with non work product, and even then once I've cashed the check. I like my work seen and many one-offs don't make it to the general public.

I also loan  Bu-Rays and clothes to personal friends.  I have lots.

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