Travelling with just an iPhone camera?

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Re: Travelling with just an iPhone camera?

what is the focus of your photography? people? places? flowers? the right tool may be the one you have, especially if you're not planning on printing.

BUT. you should also consider that a dedicated camera will give you better results almost every time. the lumia 1020, while a very capable camera, gets outpaced by the canon s120, simply because the canon's lens isn't fixed, and affords more latitude with composition.

if i were going to travel, and i was just getting into photography, i would consider the nikon 1 series. they are relatively inexpensive, and can adapt bigger nikon lenses should you decide to get more into photography in the future.

i would also consider the olympus stylus 1, sonyrx100, and ricoh GR. unlike the nikon they are fixed lens cameras, but the first two have very capable lenses, and the last one has an APS-c sized sensor.

one of my friends got the sony, for his first real camera, and it's has been a great tool for him to explore photography beyond the limitations of a phone.

the ricoh will probably have a steeper learning curve than the sony or the olympus, and in all fairness, it is more geared towards street photography, but that shouldn't be a detractor, as a significant portion of the images i take when traveling fall into that category.

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