Trouble for Nikon?

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pwilly wrote:

Their big problem is what they were saying in the interum.

Yes. Very amateurish PR and customer relationship management, to use the current term of art. You're right that developing a real and comprehensive fix for problems like this can take a lot longer than many people realize, but a company can't just stonewall for a year.

When I joined Nikon USA in 1991 as a technical rep, my task on my second day on the job was to get a brain dump from the two senior technical employees on the west coast. The older one had been with Nikon since the mid 1960s. He told me, "this is the worst communicating company you'll ever see."

I've since had experience with dozens of other companies (he had only worked for Nikon), so I know that Nikon wasn't indisputably the worst. Many companies compete vigorously for that idiot prize. But Nikon was pretty awful. Up until the D600/D800 issues of the past couple of years, I thought they'd made some modest improvements (people who've only known Nikon for 10-15 years find that hard to believe, but it's absolutely true). But the D600 especially has been a backslide to the bad old days. As you and Renato both properly emphasized, the Internet makes those bad old practices 100X more damaging.

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