Real World- 12-54 vs 12-40 lens.

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Real World- 12-54 vs 12-40 lens.

I have the E-PM1 and the E-PL5, having recently sold off a bunch of DSLR camera bodies, but kept all of the 4/3 lenses and the OLY E-1 body.

Very interested in your comments as to how the m43 12-40 lens compares to the 4/3 14-54 in the real world. I have read lots of spec's etc. Both are weather sealed, the optics on the 14-54 is proven along with how well it holds up.

I am a member of the local camera club and we do a lot of club outings. Hikes to the very large local NYS Park, private gardens, waterfalls, Dam's etc., in other words, mostly static, one minute you are doing close-ups of flowers et. and the next, landscapes. So I have found that in the past, my 14-54 has been ideal, both as far as focal length and the quality of the pictures taken.

I have two copies of the 14-54 ( got one included in a eBay buy by a person who had no idea what it was), the other I bought. One lives on my old DSLR, the E-1, the other shares time on the E-PL5.

I also, so far, have bought a couple of m43  primes, the 17/f2.8 (a pancake), the Sigma 60 and recently the Oly zoom, a 12-50,  native lens mount.

The Oly 12-50, in my current thinking, will be used primarily for infrared with my R-72 filter and also for macro, I also have the Nikon 4T that fits very well.

The 14-54 works  well on the E-PL5, as all the shots taken so far are static, so focus speed is not a requirement. So far, I have had no out of focus problems.

I am wondering if I would gain anything by selling one of the 14-54 and using the money toward the 12-40?

Currently the old 14-54 lens is not selling well on the INTERNET (quite cheap) and then considering the price of a 12-40 I wonder if this is a good idea

Any one have a feel for this?

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