What the gun industry doesn't want you to think about.

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Sounds like what the neighbor did was unexcusable.

johnierebel wrote:

Got to say what your neighbor did was way wrong. Having said that, you are way far from innocent, it's obvious you have failed to keep barking to a minimal, people don't go crazy over the occasional bark. To many dog owners are oblivious to others when it comes to their dogs. Your neighbor should have talk to you, that failing he should break your head.

I've been in a position when the neighbors' dog kept barking, and barking, and barking for hours on end, in the middle of the night. Their house was adjacent to our apartment, and the dog was about 15 feet from our bedroom window.

I talked to the owners, they were polite and sympathetic, and promised to keep the dog indoors. Except they didn't.

After a few weeks of this, the sleep deprivation started getting to me.

So I bought an ultrasound loudspeaker that hit the dog with a blast whenever it barked more than twice in a row. That sound is inaudible to humans, but is painful to dogs. It went like this:

Dog: - Bark, bark..

Loudspeaker: - click!

The dog: Sqeal!!!

Then silence.

After a few nights, the barking stopped almost completely, and I could sleep again.

So you see, I didn't go crazy, and didn't start threatening anybody. Sounds like the neighbor is an insane person, who tries to solve every little problem with threats and violence. Not a safe person to have for a neighbor, especially if you have kids.

If this was my neighbor, I'd consider relocating.

And taking the da**ed dog with me.

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