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Re: Lightroom and Apple TV

MtnGoatJoe wrote:

Hans de Zomers wrote:


Mavericks can stream your full screen to the AppleTV, so you can mirror whatever is on your screen on the AppleTV.

Click the Airplay icon in the top menu bar (or how that bar its called).

Yeah, but it's not the same. It doesn't work with the AppleTV screensaver feature, and if you just want to brows photos, then you have to sit at the Mac while everyone else watches the TV. It may work for some people, but it would be awkward for me.

Honestly, and I know this will sound stupid to most folks here, but this is probably the single biggest reason I will eventually go with Aperture instead of Lightroom. I'm not a pro, I don't do very much post processing, and I don't really like most Adobe products anyway, so sharing photos on my AppleTV ends up being one of the most important features for me.

Interesting.  I was just sitting here trying to decide whether to respond to the OP and risk opening up yet another "What is happening to Aperture" or "Aperture vs. Lightroom" thread.  Fact is, however, Aperture would provide a better solution than Lightroom for the specific needs of the OP because libraries can be shared between Aperture and iPhoto.  Therefore, no issue on displaying any images on Apple TV.  Also, Aperture IMHO has post-processing tools (for the average user) that are just as good as those in Lightroom, is a far better library organizer, and sports a much cleaner user interface.

Having said all that, however, and speaking as a dedicated Aperture user, I recognize it is difficult for a new user to make a decision on purchasing Aperture at this time until the future direction of that Apple product becomes clearer.

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