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Thanks for the thoughtful original posting and for the replies to all who are showing a very active interest in the Mk II and your early experience with it.  Ergonomics and handling, while very important in any camera purchase, are generally a very personal and subjective issue.  The value (or limitations) of a new camera's ergonomics also depends somewhat on what the prospective buyer currently has and uses.

I've ordered the G1 X Mk II as an upgrade to my Mark I - with which I am very pleased overall - primarily for the extended zoom range and the reported faster focusing and better macro performance.  So here's my view as a current Mk I user, of the Mk I vs. Mk II differences based on reading the Mk II manual and on you thoughtful report:

First, both the Mk I and Mk II have in total three control dials.  What has changed is the Mk II has moved two of those to the lens and allowed them to both be assigned customized functions.  In the process, two click stop dials and one continuous dial on the Mk I have been changed to one click stop dial and two continuous dials on the Mk II.  (In the case of the Mark I, one of the click stop controls  - the EC dial on top of the camera - was dedicated to Exposure Compensation and not programable to other uses.)  So the question for any user will be whether a programmable continuous dial is more useful to their style of shooting than a click stop dial with a dedicated EC function.

Second, the "removed" EC dial has moved to the function set/control wheel on the back of the Mark II, replacing DISP on the control dial of the Mark I.  The DISP function has moved to a dedicated button.  This replaces the Exposure Mode button on the Mark I, which has now moved to the function set menu. It is not clear from the manual whether the Exposure Mode can be changed using the touch screen or must be changed using the function set/control wheel.  (Coming from a Panasonic GH3 as my other system, I am very comfortable with using touch screen controls.)

In terms of camera operation, both of the above changes do not concern me, other than there may be some "muscle memory" learning curve time when I switch to the Mk II.  However the grip size is another matter and may be a concern for me personally.  It appears from the manual that removal of the front dial also decreased the depth of the standard hand grip.  The manual shows an optional "custom grip" accessory, but I haven't seen it listed on Canon's web page for Mk II accessories.  Only getting the camera in my hands will tell me whether this (and the related thumb area placement on the back of the camera) is an issue or not.

So thanks again for the thoughtful review and responses.  I'm posting not to refute anything you say - only to point out that individual responses to the changes will vary based on the photographer's particular shooting style and current/past equipment usage.

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