Anyone else want a Stylus 1 minus EVF?

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Re: Anyone else want a Stylus 1 minus EVF?

Yeah, a smaller EVF that's flush with the body (as also seen on e.g. the Fuji X-E1/E2) would be perfectly fine. That might even be the ideal solution, if it's feasible. But the most important thing is getting the camera small enough to carry around, because it doesn't matter how good the EVF is if I don't have the camera with me. : )

Greynerd wrote:

Do not forget that Olympus are probably well behind the curve on built in EVF technology whilst Canon are stuck in the starting blocks. Olympus were the first to bring out cameras without viewfinders but unfortunately the last to get an LCD really visible in sunlight, if they ever did. The Panasonic type corner low res EVF's would be ideal just as a backup and framing with the telephoto end.

I always remember my first holiday in Switzerland for which the C480 took some lovely photos but framing them was pure guesswork.

No need to lose the EVF completely.

illissius wrote:

In theory, I like an EVF. I even bought the external one (VF-2) for my XZ-1.

But in everything, there are tradeoffs. With the Stylus 1 these tradeoffs include the effective size of the camera being significantly larger along both its height and depth, by a degree which in my case likely makes the difference between a camera I can take with me everywhere, and one which I probably wouldn't.

Chopping off the EVF should also take a big chunk out of the price and weight, which I wouldn't mind either.

Basically a Stylus 1-without-EVF, being not much bigger than an XZ-1 but with much greater range, would be close to my ideal take-everywhere camera, but with the EVF, it's too big. So I'm sad.

I haven't noticed anyone else expressing this desire. Am I the only one?

(Edit: All of this still holds even if it also involves losing the flash.)

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