What might a G1X II offer that an EOS M w/ Pancake Zoom might not?

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Re: What might a G1X II offer that an EOS M w/ Pancake Zoom might not?

papillon_65 wrote:

Maybe the better question is, why sit around waiting on the possibility of an EOS pancake zoom when I can have a G1X II in a couple months? lol
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None of the pancake zooms on any of the other formats are great, they're sacrificing size for image quality, I very much doubt the mk2 will be doing that if the mk1 is anything to go by. So in a nutshell, range and image quality will be the pluses of the mk2 against anything with a kit powerzoom.

Yes, pancake zooms usually have lower image quality (not always, e.g. the GM1 kit zoom seems to be pretty good), slow aperture and compromised ergonomics (only electronic controls). There was a rumor recently about coming pancake zooms for EOS-M, so who knows ...

The most important difference IMHO is that there is NO lens available on EOS-M with the 24-120mm equiv. zoom reach and bright aperture of the G1X2 zoom, and I don't think there will ever be such a lens. People who need such a lens have no alternative on EOS-M (or APS-C DSLR platform), the only similar option is the rumored Nikon P8000.

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