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Strange behavior of the E-M5 EVF style settings

Started Mar 19, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Tazu Forum Member • Posts: 59
Strange behavior of the E-M5 EVF style settings

Hi all,

I am the new owner of a brand new OM-E-M5 (less than two weeks) and after several trials and errors I have set the E-M5 settings in a way which I think,suits how I like to shoot.

During the last 2 days I encountered the same problem twice: at some point while shooting, the style of the EVF which I have set to 'Style 2', suddenly changes to 'Style 3' (which I think is the default style).

I have no idea what I did, which button I may have unintentionally press or if it is a E-M5 software problem. These changes of EVF style happens without me changing any settings or even touching any buttons related to the Menu, but simply while shooting. At a certain point I look through the EVF and...surprise!

These are some of my main settings:

MySet 1 is set for Focus peaking

MySet 2:
Fn1= activates MySet1 for Focus peaking
Fn2= MF
EVF= Style 2
Down Arrow= ISO
Right Arrow=Release Options

The problem is that when this sudden change of the EVF happens I do not succeed to bring it back to Style2 no matter what I do. I tried Menu>Custom Menu>J Built in EVF>Style 2>OK, but the EVF stick to Style 3.

I tried the same procedure an then continued to Menu>Shooting Menu 1>Reset/MySet>MySet2>Set>Set>OK

The only way I found to bring back the EVF to the style I want to use is to do a full reset, lose my all MySets settings and then to program them again from scratch. Did I miss something?

Thank you very much.

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