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Re: Full Frame Fuji ETA

tissunique wrote:

I would be very surprised if Fuji didn't already have one in testing phase. It's inevitable as it builds its niche market for these wonderful and distinctive X series cameras and lenses. I believe it will be a fixed lens model to start with perhaps options of single (as X-100s) and zoom (as 18-55) range focal lengths. I also think it will be based on the X-Pro design and size, and will be released/announced by the end of 2014. Price around £1700-£1990 ($2600-2999). MPX wise Fuji will be eyeing with interest public/pro reaction to the Nikon DF sensor size of 16mpx - very positive, the most positive aspect of the DF by far and its ability to produce clean images at high ISO. Video will be included along with diopter.

In fact I believe the X-ProF1 could be the company's most successful and profitable camera.

We already know that they've done some FF development work, but that doesn't mean that a model is to be released any time soon.  The executive whose interview was published recently said that they would inevitably have to compete with FF and talked about the earliest being two years away.  He wouldn't have released their new model schedule in the interview anyway.

I've decided (almost) to buy an XT1 (if we ever get to see one here) but my struggle has been with the alternative of the A7r which retails here for $2,350 BO.  I don't know why a Fuji FF would have to be as expensive as you suggest if it's feature set were similar.

I already own a 16mpx APSC DSLR.  I wouldn't buy a 16mpx FF camera at all.  I would be looking for an increase in resolution and DR to warrant the extra investment for my uses.  The Df's clean high ISO is a strength, but its modest resolution is one reason that many FF investors won't buy it over a D610 or D800.  There is more than one camp of FF buyers - that's the reason Sony went for two FF models.

I don't know whether any of us here have the data to know whether a Fuji FF camera would be profitable.  If it were so clear they would probably have done it already.  I'd say that they'd be watching Sony's A7s very carefully.  Along with the rest of the industry.  This is business.  They'll follow if it makes clear economic sense.

Regards, Rod

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