Anybody ever use a camera stabilizer ?

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Re: Anybody ever use a camera stabilizer ?

Skanter, really ? And why is this ?

Your saying that not just "any device" which stabilizes / balances a camera {and drastically reduces the amount of "shake"} will work ?

I'm sorry to disagree.

Heck, in fact, a semi-pro showed me a little trick a few years ago, where he attached, and fully extended a mono-pod to his camera / lens, but rarely did he even set the foot on the ground. Instead, he locked it straight back from the camera, and let it extend back over his shoulder.

Even this ^ little bit of extra "sprung weight" helped reduce camera shake considerably. I was doing this for a while.... but it was a bit awkward, and not near so balanced as a simple device, built just for the purpose would be......

Anyway Skanter, if you are right, and a hand held stabilizing device has no positive effect, I'll only be out about $20. If it works, I'll report that too.



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