I Returned the K3

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Re: I Returned the K3

Hi Amy, sorry to hear about your troubles. I think you tried more than many might to get to the bottom of it. I certainly would have lost patience way before you.

I have to take issue with the idea that it is a K3 or K5 problem though. A certain number of any manufactured item will have problems, and some will inevitably escape quality checks. You happened to get unlucky, but we have no way of knowing how widespread the issue is. I would guess not very, considering as you mentioned the problem occurs in normal shooting.

The fact you got two bad units might give the impression it's more common than it is: random distribution is not the same as even though, and true random sequences will have clusters in which we might perceive patterns when there aren't any.

That said, all the best with your new cameras, I'm certain you will continue to produce excellent work!
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