EXPOSURE CHART for MANUAL exposure (sunny-16 rule)

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EXPOSURE CHART for MANUAL exposure (sunny-16 rule)

Determining "manual" exposure used to be fairly easy.

You had the sunny-16 rule ... which was super easy because the shutter-speed was the same as the ISO.

And every box of film had the "chart" which was basically the sunny-16 but modified with Snow-Sun, down through Hazy-Sun, Overcast, and light/dark Shade.

I saw it so many times it was all memorized.

But all that was based on f/16 .... as we don't have that on the FZ-200, (because of defraction limitations).

So everything is changed to f/8, (1/500). But I CAN'T REMEMBER THAT, (with the other variables).

So I produced/PRINTED a small chart and taped it under the EVF. Immediately accessable at all times. (I am not sure how it is going to format here, and if you type it yourself, use line single-spacing to keep it shorter.)

____________ F/2.8    4       5.6      8

Snow+Sun                 4000   2000  1000

SUNny 16   1/4000  2000  1000  500

Hazy-Sun         2000    1000    500    250

Cloudy             1000     500     250    125

Overcast           500      250     125     60

Shade               250      125      60      30

I can add that on mine I also had another line that gave shutter speeds with a 10-stop ND filter (1/4sec, 1/2sec, 1sec, and 2sec @ f/8)

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Thanks for reading .... JoePhoto
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