It's new A7 series firmware day! Where to look?

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Re: It's new A7 series firmware day! Where to look?

abortabort wrote:

DonSantos wrote:

dbm305 wrote:

Yes that was my guess too, so I could very well be kidding's hard to do an AB test when you only have one camera!

Af seems the same.

Start up to evf seems faster to me. It used to bother me. Now it's not instant but it's bearable

Yes definitely faster start up time.

I also used to find that the ISO dial (rear dial) would lock up on me and not be able to be changed while writing to the card which I used to find very very annoying. Now it seems to work just as you would expect it to, the other dials for Av and Tv always worked fine, but ISO used to just stop working for some inexplicable reason.

Really?!!?! Amazing - ISO dial delay was my biggest complaint of the camera!!!

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