The most annoying new fad in photography

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Re: The most annoying new fad in photography

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

I'm not upset, just pointing out the simple logic to understand that all things are linked, you can love nature and people and that love comes from within you. to have a pathological hatred of people regardless of culture says more about you than you would probably like to show.

No, you were upset, Mark, why deny it?

No, saddened by the lack of humanity and empathy you've demonstrated, possibly you view my posts through the filter of you inner anger?

For my part, it's more irritation and boredom than hatred.

Again, other people are 'sweaty meat' that's no statement of boredom, plain hate and self interest.

Just like the evening news, which I find completely unwatchable. The same stupid mistakes over and over and over again.

We call it history here.

Pick up a history book of any era and it's nothing but wars of conquest from the first page to last. The British monarchy and nobility being a prime example of murderous thugs in silk, just for one.

Why single them out? Americans? Europeans? The thing about history is it teaches us about ourselves, as can images of people we don't know.

Never, ever living in harmony with nature and minding your own business unless it's the side that got exterminated like the Indians. If we were able to eliminate the male of the species, things would be a hell of a lot better.

Time moves on, even outstripping your idealistic view of the world.

Oh, wait a minute, I'm not, not one iota. We're already past the tipping point, there's no going back, we've blown it completely.

Which is why you are so filled with hate? you're blind to the wonder of a child?

Cute for about five or ten minutes, then get 'em out of here unless they're mine, then it gets extended to a half hour :^)

I like people, I can see the value in others children too! The world isn't about 'mine' or me I'm part of it.

Which one of us is really disconnected from what is going on right under our noses?

You, you see what you want to see, I can see good and bad in all things nothing is set in stone everything has its time, to me photographs are a celebration of time–even ones of 'sweaty meat'

The will to reverse course is not there, even if it were possible. Everyone who would ever be allowed to participate in any decision is making way too much money and living behind guard gates and will be dead in 40 years anyway, so who really cares what irreparable mess we leave for our children?

I think you've been reading a little too much, probably not been paying attention to the real world, the one that surrounds you.

Again with the concern trolling. I live in a more beautiful place than just about anyone I know. Doing about as well as anyone I know.

Still not paying attention, the world and it's beauty are subjective and different people find other things 'beautiful–you're not doing as well as you think.

I live in an unchanged rural setting, in fact I've been taking pictures of reed cutters rather like Emerson did in the same spot 120 years ago. Money to me is just enough to live the rest I give to charity, you won't find me using a D800E and 10K of lenses.

Not going to feel bad about using the best camera in the world on a photography blog, sorry. I've earned it every way there is.

Again a very egocentric view, you OWN and your ownership comes at a price, to the earth and yet you feel you 'earned it' and yet others are just 'sweaty meat' a case of Reilly über alles.

Any self-respecting alien flying over would unleash the phaser banks and cauterize this poor fracked and poisoned orb of say, *pick an urban area* and allow the newly cleansed Earth to regenerate. It's the only thing that would ever stop the desecration.

Aliens? Just re-read what you write, the world isn't what you think it is humanity isn't what you feel inside you.

Just an objective look at the mess, nothing more or less. It exists, you can't deny it. If you're not mad, you're not paying attention. What have you done lately to help out the planet?

More than you, but if not someone like yourself a dyed in the wool consumer who only likes people in his personal sphere has no place to ask that of a stranger.

Some people are fascinating and worth the effort to know, true enough, but most are not, as we see over and over again on these blogs in both words and pictures.

Exactly my point. The world is a wonderful place full of diverse eco systems and really interesting people, like anyone who has worked out the basics will tell you you need to apply a filter to allow you to see that people aren't just meat.

Everyone has a story, you'll need to be receptive inside to see that.

90% are not worth even a minute of my time. Canadians excepted!

In your egocentric opinion.

The issues you mention are important, but cannot be considered in isolation to the fact that diversity both cultural and ecosystems are important.

There's no diversity or balance when thousands of species are eliminated every year with no return. Only Dominion, which is what many believe in. Chew it up and spit it out, it won't make any difference, we're (almost) all going into the fire.

Yet you continue to fuel that fire?

Now, this has been mildly entertaining, but off topic, I'm bailing. Shoot what you want, odds are I won't click on it...

Shoot what I want to shoot? how gracious of you, life must be very strange with so much egocentricity that others become just 'meat'

The world is a richer place than you could ever imagine.

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