The most annoying new fad in photography

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Re: The most annoying new fad in photography

peevee1 wrote:

sshoihet wrote:

uty in most things around me even faces of people i don't know can have a serene beauty.

There is so much beauty in the world if one chooses to see it. That's one of my favourite things about photography, it exposes me to so many things I wouldn't ordinarily see and I get to share that with others. People are what really matter to me... without them and the love that they bring to our lives, we have nothing. YMMV.

You know what is destroying this planet? It's not the "layer of sweating meat", it the obscene demand we have for consuming resources, polluting our environment with garbage

and boring pictures of unknown people is an example of such garbage. Yes, Internet is our environment too.

No the internet is not an 'environment' it is an electronic medium you choose to visit.

If you want to asses real pollution look at your own images and posts, total garbage.

If you don't like seeing, dome come here it is that simple.

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