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Re: Shooting f/1.2 requires better technique

Mikess1 wrote:

Chris Dodkin wrote:

Mike - I see what you're talking about, but from experience it's usually more about user technique and learning how to work with the new lens.

f/1.2 is a whole different ballgame - no matter how much experience you have,

I have watched people have the same issues with the Canon 85mm f/1.2 L lens over the years - so it's about the challenges of shooting at razor thin DOF more than the brand of the lens I believe.

Physics is working against you on this - so you have to really strip it down and figure out the steps to success.

If you're trying to focus on a close subject for example, you can hit the macro button to tell the camera to start looking there, rather than the background.

Even then, there may be targets which are a challenge as they don't present an easy target for the AF system, when such precision is required.

ok i can nail focus this is not a problem i only took these pictures for this post but i just thought there is a problem with my lens because when the camera says go ahead take the shot focus is good and clearly its not then i was thinking i may need to get a replacement i can easily refocus and take the shot --


I don't get why you are not able to distinguish with your own eye, whether an image as stable and as clear as this one, is in or out of focus.  The green box you have drawn is showing the boundaries outside the actual nozzle of the tap, so you have two choices:  reduce the box to the minimum and get a lock on the contrast of part of the nozzle,  or use MF and one of the focussing aids. In fact since the focussing screen is so good on the XT-1, I very much doubt that a focusing aid is necessary.

I rarely rely press the shutter button without seeing the "sharp" subject snap into focus, and it would be pretty simple to see in this instance, that the background was sharp but the nozzle wasn't.... Yet still you pressed the shutter to try and show to the world that your 56 is a failure ...

You wouldn't take a shot with a film SLR with an accurate visual focus on anything but the subject, so why you think that a digital camera should do anything different is beyond me. I don't see how you can seriously think otherwise, unless of course you are using the 56 as an excuse for your own lack of technique or laziness....

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