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Sony's (lack of?) lens quality control

As somebody that was very interested in "full frame NEX" and thus pre-ordered A7R once they were announced I have, naturally, followed posts related to them and lenses for them on some of the major forums. I have heard quite a few praises of 55/1.8 so I went and ordered it. During shooting with it I started feeling something seems to be off with the lens. At approximately same time I became aware of posts with people complaining that their copies of 35/2.8 were arriving optically decentered/misaligned and that they had to return more than one before they got one that was more or less OK. For example, posts in threads like this one [url][/url]

That made me pay closer attention could it be that my copy of 55/1.8 is decentered. Checking for that showed that it is, which was easily visible when I compared it against second copy of same lens. Naturally first copy went back and second one was kept (even though second copy too indicates it might be bit off as I just wasn't in position to focus anymore on that). At that moment I attributed experience to bad luck with one copy and didn't give it any further thought.

Some time later I decided I want to get 35/2.8. Moment my copy arrived it was obvious it is a bad copy and it went back faster than it arrived. To make long story short it took way more than one try to end up with copy that is (almost) OK (I say almost because even one I kept is not completely as it should be, it was just one with least amount of "issue").

While I was going through my experience with 35/2.8 I started becoming aware of posts with people complaining that their newly arrived copies of 24-70/4 were optically decentered/misaligned and that they had to return them to get "OK" copies.

Which brought me to question that is the reason of why I am starting this thread: I am wondering who else had issues with their copies of 35/2.8, 55/1.8, 24-70/4 or 28-70/3.5-5.6, what that issue was, did you end up resolving it or you gave up, what it took to resolve it, if resolution was to get another copy how many tries it took you before you stopped further trying and accepted it or gave up, and was final copy completely OK?

Sony Alpha 7R
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