Do I need to go dual system?

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Why not if that works for you?

KatManDEW wrote:

Got my 5D3 two years ago this week. Also have a 7D and nine "L" lenses. I've drooled over the D800 since the day I got my 5D3. And like many, I'm itching for a 7D replacement, with truly improved image quality, and improved AF (I'm not interested in dual pixel drivel). My 7D is just not reliable with my 200-400, and it's hard to argue against that D800 sensor (for some uses).
I know no one knows, but I'm interested if anyone has any convincing thoughts about whether Canon will introduce anything compelling this year, like before fall... If I had a crystal ball and knew Canon was just going to do nothing, I would order a D800 and lens right now. I've looked hard at the a7R and I don't think it's for me.
I know, many fanboys are going to whine. Go ahead. It's my money.

I see no reason not to go dual or even triple system if that fits your own requirement and preference, going dual system doesn't necessary mean super expensive, you don't have to duplicate every lens and every accessories. A lot of people shoot with multiple bodies anyay, just a matter of one canon one Nikon or two Canon bodies, in my case, for landscape stuffs, I shoot with Zeiss primes in ZF/ZF2 mount, that makes a universal lens for me, I can use it on my D800E, 1DS3 and my even the yet to come a7R. one lens fit all. and for some more specialize lens, I only pick the one that I prefer, such as I prefer Canon skin tone, and I love the 85LII, therefore Canon 85L II and 135L is my portrait lens on 1DS3, I don't like Nikon skin tone as much so I don't need to buy any additional Portrait lens on the Nikon side, well, I already have AIS 105 from 20 years ago which will serve as a decent portrait lens if I want to shoot Portrait with D800anyway, and for landscape, my favorite is D800E, so I sold all my Canon 17-40 and 16-35 and now only have the 14-24, Samyang 14, Zeiss 21, Zeiss 35, Zeiss 50, Zeiss 100, so hardly any duplicate. actually I do have duplicate FL lenses like 35 Sigma and 35 Zeiss, but only a few. and I also have some old AIS from Nikon from film days which I also shoot on Canon body regularly, such as my AIS 28 2.8, AIS 50 1.2, 105 F2.5...... And reason I am lookng forward to the a7R is to mount my TSE 17 and TSE 24 II on a high resolution high DR sensor for landscape appication, that means all I need is a sony body and no going to buy any additional Sony E mount lens at all. again.

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