Anybody ever use a camera stabilizer ?

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Re: Anybody ever use a camera stabilizer ?

I can tell you from experience that while you can do it for a short time, it's difficult to hand hold a camera and long lens for very long without fatigue. And sooner or later your image quality and/or composition will suffer a little from camera shake.

Tim, well exactly ! Hence the whole reason for a stabilizer in the first place !

Okay, the stabilizer in this vid is being touted for video... But I'm sure that it would greatly reduce camera shake for photography as well, and the heavier the entire rig, including counter balancing, the less shake you would have.

One could also experiment with shorter arms behind you, and heavier counter weights or longer arms and less weight out on the ends. But the fact is, balanced correctly, you could let go of the camera and stabilizer handles altogether, and the camera should just float out in front of your face.

Anyway, this thing is so cheap and easy, I might just have to experiment with one.

Of course what I'm hoping to achieve, is to stabilize my 400 5.6 so well, that I can drop down to 1/1000, or even slower for BIF, which would mean I could probably shoot at ISO 200, and maybe keep my F's a little above 5.6 too...

Of course I'd rather show off, by hand holding an 800mm lens, and carrying it for 15 miles

Anyway, I can easily afford the $20 DIY stabilizer, but $10K or more for a lens, poses a bit of a problem for me

Oh hey, that whale shot is awesome ! Will go check the rest now



edit: Unbelievably fantastic bombastic whale shots ! The BG's, the water spray, the PQ ! Coolest creatures on the Earth Thank you

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