G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

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Re: G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

kitchenbug wrote:

Also, in the M mode, is there an auto flash capability, or are you limited to three flash power levels?

Even in M mode, flash is TTL auto adjusted. Where did you get the impression it has 'three flash power levels'?

I got this impression, hoping that I was wrong, from page 104 of the English manual from the Canon Thailand web site. This was under the "Adjusting the Flash Ouput" heading of the section of the manual that describes the M mode. They mention that you can chose from three power levels in the M mode.

Oh, I get it. I checked the Japanese manual as well, and it's equally confusing. I think the doc writer was confused about the two different meaning of "M". Here's how it works.

In Tv, Av, or M exposure modes, you have a choice of "Flash Mode" between "Manual" and "Auto". In P exposure mode, the choice is hidden, and it's implicitly set to "Auto".

With "Flash Mode" set to "Auto", you can dial in "Flash Exp. Comp" within +-2EV range in 1/3EV increments.

With "Flash Mode" set to "Manual", you can select from "Minimum", "Medium", and "Maximum". I find this tri-level adjustment a bit limiting, but heck, I'll be using an external flash in M mode anyway if I wanted to use manual control.

BTW, with the internal flash, you can sort of do bouncing its output off the ceiling. You have to push the flash unit delicately towards the back. If you tilt it to within the last 15 degrees or so, the built in sensor thinks the flash is stored in camera, and does not work.

Thank you so much for checking and for your clear explanation. I'm glad that my impression was incorrect

From the manual, it's pretty clear that you cannot specify a minimum shutter speed for Auto-ISO in the P and A modes. That's the shutter speed at which point the camera increases the ISO instead of letting the shutter speed slow down further. Do you know what shutter speed the camera tries to maintain as the available light level drops? I realize that this can get a little complicated as there is a "Rate of Change" setting for Auto-ISO that affects this minimum shutter speed. Is it a function of the focal length?

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