Problem with SB-800 in SU-4 Mode

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Problem with SB-800 in SU-4 Mode

I am having trouble getting the SB-800 to fire in sync at full power (1/1) when set up in SU-4. It fires, but it is not affecting the photo.  For an example setup, my shutter will be at 1/60 and aperture at 7.1.  The flash sync and shutter speed is set to 1/60.  On the SB-800, the mode is set to SU-4 manual.  It will fire in sync at EVERY power except 1/1 consistently.

Some additional observations:

1. The flash appears to be firing at full power based on the visible flash and the recharge time. I am using fresh batteries.

2. The sync appears to be shooting early because if I drag the shutter to 1 second, there is still not a visible flash in the photo at 1/1 even though the flash fired.

3. I have multiple SB-800's all exhibiting the same issue, and I have also switched to a D80, which does the same thing. I even tested this on a point and shoot, and the speedlight would sync with it at every power except 1/1.

4. The speedlight will fire at full power if I switch from SU-4 to Remote and control the power through the D7000.  (I prefer SU-4 mode in some instances because I can more easily control each speedlight quickly and independently without digging through the camera menus.)

5. Red eye is off and nothing "extra" is prefiring.  Some people that ran into this solved the problem by turning off red eye... apparently at 1/1 the SB-800 would prefire and not be able to recharge quickly enough for the actual exposure.  I do not believe that is the problem here.

6. I have reset the flashes and the bodies to original settings and tried again.

I would appreciate any help or ideas.  It may be that the SB-800 can't sync at full in SU-4...if someone is able to test this, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,


Nikon D7000 Nikon D80
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