D800 totally cooking reds

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Most of the time red channel is not blown

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Every camera meter I've ever known has it's idiosyncracies that you have to deal with. They each have situations where they're good at guessing, and different circumstances where they're not so bright.

As much as camera ads say otherwise, meters are just a place to start. You can't expect your camera to know what you want to see, or what you're seeing, anymore than you can expect a car to drive itself because it has an automatic transmission.

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Sounds like you are answering something i never asked. I don't expect it to do everything for me - I know how the meter works and why it's there! I'm asking for tips, workaround etc.

I think you've already mentioned the answer, UniWB. Next best should be fixed daylight WB and neutral picture control - for the RGB histogram. But you still have to watch it, because in high DR the meter goes roughly after luminosity (predominantly green) & midtones, not red highlights. ADL might help sometimes if you don't fiddle with EC. But it may not help enough, and it may harm if you do fiddle with EC.

Although I'm not sure why the cameras should not be able to protect the reds sometime in this millenium. On second thought they just might and very soon, but we will not like it for some reason.

assuming you are shooting raw with uniwb, it really doesn't help, you still have to white balance to have a viewable picture

and most red channel problems are not in the raw data, it is the conversion to jpeg where the issue is created

The point of using UniWB is so you can watch the RGB histograms on rear LCD to make sure Red (or another channel) hasn't blown. UniWB is as close as you can get to what the RAW data is actually doing. Essentially, it is an exposure check for shooting RAW.

i shot with uniwb for a bit, it does not give you a true raw histogram

My experience was the red and blue are usually not blown

Yes, Red can easily get blown in conversion, depending on your conversion software and the profile you are using.

Exactly red is usually not blown in the raw channel, it is in the conversion

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