12-32 vs 14-42 (ii) vs 14-45

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Re: 12-32 vs 14-42 (ii) vs 14-45

mimritty wrote:

I have the 14-42IIR, the 12-32mm and the 14-45mm. The 12-32 is nice and compact, but optically I don't find it any better than the 14-42. Not bad, not great. Between those two, the question would be your preference of a little wider or a little more reach.

My copy of the 14-45 gives me better pictures than either of the other two and is the one I'm going to hold on to until I can swing upgrading to the 12-40.

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I agree with you I own both the 12-32mm and 14-45mm, the latter is superior to the former in terms of image quality output. I am keeping both, really the 12-32mm on my old GF1 gives this camera a new lease of life because of its compactness and I was able to take handheld images at 1/15 consistently.

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