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Dave Throgmartin
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Re: Images from Grand Turk

dzba wrote:

Hi Dave,

nice bright colors in these photos. Are you achieving this with camera settings or in post processing? These sure brighten up the day here where it's grey and windy. Thanks for posting these, Mike


My normal process for shots like these is to shoot RAW.  I edit in Lightroom 4.

The normal first edits are to change the white point and black point first usually until just before blinking and then I'll edit highlights and shadows to suit the image.  I'll use add vibrance (15 to 25), adjust contrast, and add some clarity (usually +15) if needed.  If any of the colors need changing I'll work with individual colors saturation & hue.  Lastly, I'll usually apply lens correction and export as a JPG.

I'm not very good at sharpening RAW files so I'll open in Photoshop Elements and use Unsharp Mask settings 85, 1, 4 typically.  If 85 is too much I'll back off as needed.

It might sound like a lot of messing around, but it takes about 2-3 minutes per image now that I've gotten the hang of it.

IMHO, getting myself to be mediocre at editing images has been more valuable than a camera or lens upgrade.

If you'd like any more detail I could post a before and after of any of the images and more comments on why I made the changes I did.


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