To All You "Masters of Photography" Who Called Me an Idiot... Locked

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The truth about the OP....

I wasn't going to jump into this one, but I have little tolerance for some things, and this post, from this "bbbohio" poster, definitely hacks me off. So I'll piggyback onto Rich's reply if I might.

What all the people DON'T know, and unfortunately will never see, is the thread where the original poster asked for assistance about a certain matter (IIRC it may have been the D800E, or perhaps not), and then a fairly large contingent of regulars tried to GENUINELY help him. The OP reply was to say he was ignoring all these people in every case where they (the ones genuinely trying to help him) even remotely suggested that the user was potentially a problem.

I remember that thread reasonably well - and several of the people gave completely valid, helpful suggestions without malice, but the OP couldn't emotionally handle that someone was perhaps suggesting what logic would dictate in such a situation - that while the camera might be faulty, there also was a chance the photographer might be doing something wrong too. And instead of acknowledging this, the OP went on an "ignore" spree with MULTIPLE responses simply titled "You have been ignored" or something to the effect. And honestly, while a few people didn't treat the OP that well in that thread, several of those "24" he has ignored were honestly trying to help the guy, even though this particular poster has a history of posting some pretty inane and basic questions repeatedly. So this whole thing about his attack on the "masters of photography" is supreme arrogance combined with supreme disrespect for those, back then, actually tried to help him.

Bottom line is this: I feel, as someone who has a significant amount of knowledge and experience, that people with such knowledge have a duty, if you will, to pass along helpful advice and commentary, even if it might pertain to the one who is asking that the one asking it needs to improve something they are doing. Knowledge must be passed along. But when someone becomes arrogant and childish and refuses to take said help unless said help aligns with his very narrow idea of what suggestions would be allowed, well, then it's simply something I don't deal well with. You kick the proverbial gift horse in the mouth too many times and eventually it's going to kick back, and it won't be pleasant.

I have no use for people who are intolerant and ungrateful of those of us who do try to help, and thus, have no reason to ever help or communicate with the OP again. It is a tremendous shame that dpreview deleted those posts - because if those of you who actually think this guy is in the right could read what he wrote and how he treated those who were honestly and genuinely trying to help the guy - you'd have an entirely different vision of what really went down.

Done with this thread, and certainly with the OP, forever.


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