To All You "Masters of Photography" Who Called Me an Idiot... Locked

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Re: It's Gone because DP Review ZAPPED IT.

bbbinohio wrote:

Island Golfer wrote:

Interesting that you looked for the thread, as well. However, I looked for it for a wholely different reason. He made the identicle comment, about his banning 24 people, in another thread about a month ago. I went looking for a cooresponding thread then, too; and could not find one. I wish the OP would post a link to the thread in which people called him an idiot. I, too, would like to read those comments (if they actually exist).

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Why you would waste your time trying to prove someone wrong is beyond me. But if you must know, it got so bad, so demeaning, so condescending, so ugly, that DPReview ZAPPED the entire thread as being "Not on Topic".

Now why don't you try believing in people, encouraging other members, instead of trying to find a reason to start an argument.

Bob, in Ohio

(Another one bites the dust....)

None of the people you've blocked in this thread were all that negative, hurtful or demeaning. They did question you but thats simply a healthy part of a rational discussion.

On the positive side, I'm really glad you were able to get your D800E repaired and sorry you had so many problems with it. It's a marvelous camera provided it'd working correctly. Since getting it back is everything working properly? Have fun shooting and all the best.


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