G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

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Re: G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

Is the image quality that it produces worth the price and size/weight/heft?

Not sure. But that's why I bought the camera. At least, it will give me more pixels to work with in post.

Is the bokeh unnaturally soft at wider apertures (between F2.0-3.9) as it was in some sample pics?

It's not bokeh, but some hallation, at very close distances with aperture wide open. This is not unusual at close distance with such small F values. Other cameras (with equal sensor size) may not allow you to use such a combination of settings. This camera gives you the option.

Is the AF speed acceptable? or.. fast?

Yes. This is a huge improvement over my Nikon P7700.

Is the shot to shot time (AF speed + delay time between shots with review turned off) acceptable? or even.. fast?

Very fast.

Does the touch shutter work quickly? or is it mostly a gimmick and operates too slow to be useful?

It works fine.

Does it fit in a jacket or coat pocket?

Not mine.

What about sweater pockets? (think full zip mock neck or full zip hoodies)?

No. Weight is the primary issue, but it also has some bulk.

Or is it simply too large to fit in pockets, and will require a case or dangling from the arm/shoulder/neck?

The latter.

And finally, the most important question.

Will you keep it?

The camera is unique in the combination of its large (1.5 inch) sensor camera with a leaf shutter. The ability to sync with flash at 1/3200 sec., with wide open aperture, allows me to use small flash effectively outdoors in Strobist style. Next available options are Mamiya 645, Hasselblad, and Leica S system, which are prohibitively expensive.

I will probably keep the camera until a good alternative shows up. If Nikon P8000 (albeit with probably a smaller sensor) is good enough, I might switch.

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