To All You "Masters of Photography" Who Called Me an Idiot... Locked

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Because DP Review ZAPPED IT.

j_photo wrote:

I went looking for the thread you speak of, out of curiosity to see how bad it was, but couldn't find it. On the one hand, it's good to hear your problem got fixed. On the other hand, you are painting a broad brush in this post--I don't hear you thanking those that tried to help, only calling names and slinging sarcasm. To me, your post seems petty, much like I imagine the ones you complain about to have been. So welcome to the fray.

Why you would waste your time trying to prove someone wrong is beyond me. But if you must know, it got so bad, so demeaning, so condescending, so ugly, that DPReview ZAPPED the entire thread as being "Not on Topic".

Now why don't you try believing in people, encouraging other members, instead of trying to find a reason to start an argument.

Bob, in Ohio

(Another one bites the dust....)

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