Do I need to go dual system?

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Re: I went dual platform before the D800

Rick Knepper wrote:

I see no compelling reason for you to do so judging by your statements below especially if you are willing to wait until the fall.

Here's part of my thought process for using both systems but it evolved over 6 years as my needs changed. I know the boobirds will try to discredit some of this but I do not have time at this moment to write up the complete rationales and chrono order.

1.) I carry two cameras at a time nearly always. I try to avoid lens changes especially in the windy dusty places I go.

2.) I got tired of waiting on Canon to get their UWA shat together.

2a.) I got tired of waiting on Canon to answer the D800 (bear in mind that if the rumors are true, the new hi-rez will not be a D800 answer [aka affordable hi rez] if it is released as a 1 series body). You may be looking back at the D800 again soon.

3.) I wanted the 14-24G & 24-70G (pre-24-70II) but did not want to use an adapter and lose function. And I wanted to use my 5 Zeiss lenses on their native Nikon mount and be done with iffy adapters altogether.

4.) I bought a used D3x so that I could use the 14-24G and 24-70G in lieu of the 16-35 II and 24-105.

Obviously, Canon is going to release a hi rez sensor on some body type most likely this year so, to me, that solves one of your problems, at least as stated.

For me, the compelling reasons at this stage in the game go beyond a sensor to sensor p!ssing contest. Does Nikon have some lenses or other equipment with IQs or capability that beat Canon's equivalents? I think they do. How about features? I have run into amenities in the Nikon cams I wish that Canon had an equivalent for. I think Nikon users are happier with their flash than Canon folk are. Nikon cams seem to have a button for nearly everything. OTOH, Nikon cams have a button for nearly everything - making it impossible sometimes to combine the use of certain features that can be done on a Canon cam. Canon has the upper hand in some things too. For example, if you are a Live View user, prepare yourself for a rude awakening on a D800. On a D3x, LV is really terrible.

And... Nikon does not have a 5D3 equivalent IMO.

KatManDEW wrote:

Got my 5D3 two years ago this week. Also have a 7D and nine "L" lenses. I've drooled over the D800 since the day I got my 5D3. And like many, I'm itching for a 7D replacement, with truly improved image quality, and improved AF (I'm not interested in dual pixel drivel). My 7D is just not reliable with my 200-400, and it's hard to argue against that D800 sensor (for some uses).
I know no one knows, but I'm interested if anyone has any convincing thoughts about whether Canon will introduce anything compelling this year, like before fall... If I had a crystal ball and knew Canon was just going to do nothing, I would order a D800 and lens right now. I've looked hard at the a7R and I don't think it's for me.
I know, many fanboys are going to whine. Go ahead. It's my money.

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Rick Knepper, photographer, shooting for pleasure. It is better to have It and not need It than need It and not have It. Various RAW comparisons at Link. Includes 5D3 vs D800E, 5D3 vs. 6D, Zeiss lenses etc.

Agree with pretty much everything there Rick. I've been wanting a second FF body to shoot along with my 5D3 (to avoid lens swaps, and save time), and the 6D is not what I hoped it would be. So It's looking very much like that second body unfortunately won't be one that can share my Canon lenses (A D800).

No, Nikon doesn't have a 5D3 equivalent, yet. That may come in the form of a D700s... If I start migrating now, I'll have more than one Nikon lens to use if a D700s does materialize. Until if/when that happens, I still have my 5D3, along with lots of Canon lenses that will become redundant as I migrate. Which will allow me to sell those redundant Canon lenses and migrate even further...

As for a Canon high res body, like many folks, I worry that if it ever materializes, it will be ridiculously expensive compared to the D800. And, wait till fall, of what year? Fall is a bad time for a new camera for me anyway. It's wise to not purchase a camera model until the technology is shown to be sound, which means now we're into the dark hibernation season (winter). So if there was a new camera in the fall, that means not until abouta year from now... Scratch off another full year waiting on Canon. Life is flying by now, and Nikon has a high res body now, today, with spring summer and fall on the horizon, before the next dreaded global warming winter.

And I personally seriously doubt Canon's commitment to still photography in the future. Around 8 years ago I saw a Canon video about their vision of the future of photography in 20 years, and it was 100% video, with stills taken from uber high resolution video. Now only 12 years from their vision of the future, it appears that's exactly what they are concentrating on.

If Canon can at least throw me a bone in the form of a new 7D to spend some of my potential Nikon money on, it might stave off my migration for a short while. (As I mentioned originally, I want to keep a crop body for the strengths a crop body provide). But if it's a rotten bone in the form of a 7D with no improvement other than the video centric 70D sensor, I'm afraid I might have to pass. More money to migrate with, and hope that Nikon doesn't go video centric with a D400. Dual pixel AF doesn't do anything for manual focus lenses, like TS-E's. It's for soccer mom's and pop's. Nothing wrong with that. It will score big for Canon. Just not my cup of tea.

Camera equipment is just that in my book - equipment. Like automobiles or shop tools, I could care less if there's a Ford, Chevy, Craftsman, on Snap On logo on them. Unfortunately Canon and Nikon wheels and tires aren't interchangeable

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