An obituary for my 12-50mm

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The 12-32 is preferable to the 12-50...

for everything but the WR and the pseudo-macro.  And this comes from someone who owns and uses his 12-50 with some frequency.  I normally keep my old 14-54 on an E-M5, but use the 12-50 when I need the extra width (and it's a very visible difference) or I want the pseudo-macro, or I'm giving the camera to someone who isn't experienced enough to deal with the 14-54's focusing delay.

Given that you're getting an E-M10 - a very compact camera - the Pany 12-32 would be a perfect complement and would be a lens you'd keep after you got the 12-40.   A great jacket pocket kit.  The downside is the cost.  The 12-32 will easily cost you $100 or more over a 12-50.

My 12-50 is at its best from 12-25, stopped down 1/2 stop, so speed between the two is probably equivalent.  Again, you can't have a super compact zoom with a 2.8 max aperture, so you already know the tradeoff.  I got my lens + E-M5 18 months ago for $1, for me (at the time) it was like getting the lens for free.  So, I have no regrets.   But today....with the availability of the's a pretty clear choice if you can swing the extra cost.

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