An obituary for my 12-50mm

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Re: An obituary for my 12-50mm

Anthony Alongi wrote:

So this is a timely post as I was just about to post a question about ACQUIRING the 12-50. I am in the process of selling off my Nikon V1 kit and will be purchasing a E-M10. I was thinking of buying a reburished 12-50 to tide me over until I can afford the 12-40, which I know that I will eventually buy. I just cannot swing both the camera and the lens at the moment. I am someone who shoots A LOT at a 24mm equivalent length so the 12mm vs. 14mm of a normal kit lens is prettty important. I could also go with the new panny 12-32, but it actually looks a bit small to me on the E-M10. So that is the question, would y'all recommend this lens as a place to start until I can upgrade or would you recommend a different strategy. Thanks in advance.

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Tony A.

The 12-50 would be a good place to start, it's light, weather-sealed (less of an advantage in combination with the 'M10, but even so) and it has a great range. I like it, but I don't use it a lot because of its size (it isn't that big, but compared to the other micro four-thirds lenses it is) and its speed at the long end.

If you know for sure that you'll get the 12-40, you won't have much use for the 12-50 after that. I don't know if you plan to try to sell it on, but I would perhaps instead consider getting a lens that you'd still have a use for even after you get the 12-40. So, while I'm not saying you'd be wrong to start with the 12-50, I'll just going to go over what I'd consider good alternatives to it.

Maybe the Panasonic 12-32 looks small, but it would also make the camera pretty much pocketable and allow you to take it with you in situations where you'd otherwise leave the camera behind. Perhaps for those situations where you hadn't really planned to do any photography, or perhaps for social occasions where the smaller the camera, the less the interference.

Another lens to consider is the Olympus 9-18. It'd give you the 24 mm equivalent field of view, but would also allow for even wider shots, still in a smaller and lighter package than the 12-40.

Finally you might want to consider a fast prime as your starting point. The Olympus 12 mm is very well regarded, and while it isn't that much faster than the 12-40, a stop is still a stop, and it's not only small and light, it's pretty like a little jewel, too!

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