K-3: 3 annoyances correctable in firmware

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K-3: 3 annoyances correctable in firmware

Coming from the K-5, K20d and K10d before that, I love the K-3, except for a few annoyances which I think are correctable in firmware (and perhaps one that isn't so much).

  1. Duplicate filesnames, really annoying.
  2. Rotation info not being saved on edited copies?
  3. TAv bracketing -- should bracket with sensitivity!

All 3 of those should be correctable in firmware.

The first is annoying as I sometimes edit photos in-camera to get a feel for them. eg. I'll shoot Raw+ with the jpeg set for monochrome and do a group of them to reprocess in colour.. The camera makes a new directory and gives the files the same name. Blech.

I usually shoot with Raw going to one card and jpegs to the other. If I edit a file on the raw card (#1) to produce a new jpeg and happen to put the file on card #1, then go to say crop a jpeg on card #2 and produce another jpeg and leave on card #2, whoops. Now I have 2 files with the same name from entirely different photos.

This plays havoc with the way I used to copy them off into a flat subdirectory. Now I have to copy all the subdirectories as well and even have different subdirectories for each card. Otherwise, I'll probably overwrite some photos.

It also means modifying the script I used to process them into emailable sizes, so that it dives another 2 levels deep into the subdirectories. Yuk.

Recommendation: Always, always use a new filename with edited copies. Unique filenames are important. Rollovers after 10,000 files are fine. Duplicate filenames on one card or even both cards are not. The original raw+jpeg, fine; not edited versions however.

I'm also finding that sometimes edited files do not seem to have the rotation information stored. So the original will be fine, I edit it in-camera, save the new copy and the new copy will be in landscape mode. Grrrr. Annoying.

Lastly, I love the TAv mode. Being able to set shutter speed, aperture and then let the camera make fine adjustments with sensitivity is brilliant. However, most modes operate as you would expect with bracketing; eg. if I set the ISO and aperture, bracket with shutter speed and visa versa. Not so with TAv mode. If I set the shutter speed and aperture leaving sensitivity to float, I would expect the camera to use sensitivity to bracket. It doesn't. It messes with the settings that I specifically asked for. Why?

Well, a few other niggly bits. Switching from AF-S center point to AF-C multipoint to catch something quickly moving, I haven't got the hang of yet.

From a programmer's perspective, I can see putting all the drive modes down in one place now; there are so many of them now however, that trying to get to the bracketing mode quickly is still tricky (if you're making a quick decision to do so for a moving target perhaps). I used to like the k10d/k20d bracketing button and still miss it. Assigning it to the Raw/FX button isn't quite the same, as you can't toggle it off that way, but it's better than nothing.

All-in-all, they got more things right than wrong and I'm very happy with it. The first 3 items should be easy to fix (well, SMOP) in firmware and would bring it much closer to perfection.

PS. SMOP == "Simple Matter Of Programming", which as programmers know all to well, is never the case.. J

Any other issues that could be fixable in firmware folks (while it's not too late)?

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Bill, Toronto, Canada

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