X-E2 DR400 limits test

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Re: X-E2 DR400 limits test

nixda wrote:

Ysarex wrote:

km25 wrote:

Shoot Raw+JPEG.

Capturing a raw file when the DR function is active seems to be a wasted effort. I did capture a raw file for the image posted and even with a +1.3 exp. comp. the raw file is badly underexposed -- I'd say frankly worthless. I was surprised to see that.

The JPEG is derived from the raw data. It is as underexposed as is the raw version. But what you see is the effect of the DR setting. With DR 400, the exposure is reduced by 2 stops. Software that recognizes the DR setting will automatically boost the brightness. Software that does not recognize the DR setting and does not boost the brightness will give you an initial image that looks underexposed (because it is). If you increase the brightness manually yourself, the image will look fine again.

That makes sense. The reason for the forced ISO 800 is to begin with a 2 stop exposure reduction right up front (make sure the highlights don't clip). This strikes me as a seriously dumb kludge and a really bad way to try and get a decent result. High contrast light is tricky and hard to meter -- that's why I ran a bracket set. I'd much rather work to get a best exposure than start off with a given 2 stop deficit.

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