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Re: Scene Mode in Lightroom

JeffGo wrote:

JamieTux wrote:

If you go to the bottom of the lightroom develop panel and choose the similarly named one it will affect the colours, contrasts, highlights and shadows and perceived sharpness in a similar way to the Sony software. Lightroom has no visibility of how your camera was set in terms of that so it defaults to the adobe basic style - which is fairly conservative on all settings.

Actually the scene mode is present in the Exif data, which is how Sony IDC finds it as well. Adobe decided to not automatically apply it to RAW files by default. Adobe Standard is pretty close to what Adobe ships as Camera Standard as far as the Lightroom/ACR profiles are concerned. They just aren't every pretty - no pop.

I almost always go as flat and drab as I can with the scene modes - camera standard but sometimes I pick the ones with lowered contrast / extended tonal range. I much prefer to cook my own images.

I'm always down there using my own colour profiles, you'd be amazed at how many tines red fabrics come out orange and purple cones out blue (with any of the converters) whilst the skin tone looks fine! The worst I had was a coat that looked green or purple depending on the light and it was incredibly difficult to colour match without making the model look like an alien or reptile! - that coat convinced me to get a colorchecker passport and I've been making (and tweaking ) my own profiles ever since.

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