Camera industry in crisis? Thought provoking article.

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Re: Camera industry in crisis? Thought provoking article.

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

We should, however, expect a slower growth with increasing competition, saturated market, weak global economy. This is why new avenues are even more important.

I don't understand this "weak global economy" refrain. Global economy is stronger than ever, GDP of the world is highest ever. Just structurally, the middle class of developed world which has been the primary market for mass-market high-tech products for the last century is being squeezed by globalization out of existence, and the new emerging $200/month "middle class" in China/India etc might be in the market for $100 cameras with $50 lenses and not for $1000 cameras with $1000 lenses as provided now by Japanese camera companies.

But no worries, I am sure somebody in China right now is hard at work copying all that stuff.

Cannon Revel anyone?

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