Camera industry in crisis? Thought provoking article.

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Re: Camera industry in crisis? Thought provoking article.

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if diversificatioin is the key to survival, the photo side of the industry's players may be in grave jeopardy. Just how diverse are companies like Fuji and Nikon? Panasonic and Samsung have other "irons in the fire" to keep themselves propped up, but do they all? In times of trouble, do the weakest divisions usually get the axe, so as to not drag down the rest of the organization? Or do they keep it afloat, and ride out the storm, taking a loss in one division, but not across the board?

Fuji is hugely diverse, cameras being like 3% of their sales. Nikon is the least diverse of them all, and the other side of business is not quite competitive lately. Canon is more diverse than Nikon, but all these photo printers, scanners, faxes go the way of the Dodo even faster than cameras. How big is pro video market, and how string is Canon's position in it, being squeezed between Red, Arri, Sony and upcoming Panasonic, Blackmagic?

Diversity does not help Sony and Panasonic much because their TV, PC and phone sales are/were tanking even faster than cameras, losing to Korean and Chinese competition who don't spend nearly as much on validation (plainly, producing junk which consumers unfortunately prefer if it saves them a few pennies).

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