An obituary for my 12-50mm

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Re: An obituary for my 12-50mm

So this is a timely post as I was just about to post a question about ACQUIRING the 12-50.  I am in the process of selling off my Nikon V1 kit and will be purchasing a E-M10.  I was thinking of buying a reburished 12-50 to tide me over until I can afford the 12-40, which I know that I will eventually buy.  I just cannot swing both the camera and the lens at the moment.   I am someone who shoots A LOT at a 24mm equivalent length so the 12mm vs. 14mm of a normal kit lens is prettty important.  I could also go with the new panny 12-32, but it actually looks a bit small to me on the E-M10.   So that is the question,  would y'all recommend this lens as a place to start until I can upgrade or would you recommend a different strategy.  Thanks in advance.

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