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Has anyone else observed the D800's tendancy to overcook red in images. Tends to be worse if it's a reddish glow or light, even shooting raw sometimes I am noticing it has totally clipped all information and it's doing it regularly. Is UNIWB the answer, if so can someone go into more detail.

Primeshooter...There are two things to consider here.

To keep your colors intact through processing:

1) Capture to ProPhotoRGB space, the largest RGB space. Edit in that space until the final step.

2) Capture using the "neutral" (NX), "linear" (C1), or "camera linear" (LR) profile. You want the smoothest most linear numbers you can get to start with.

Remember that every tone curve adds non-linearity to the colors, except for the linear curve. If you use the "standard" curve, your colors will bunch up, and you can scarcely "unbunch" them. You will have to roll your own tone curve, but you won't have the same problems with exceeding gamut.

It also helps to shoot with ETTR and that means using the best approximation of UNIWB you can. Using linear capture is a part of ETTR as well. All you really need in addition to that is to set your camera to 5600K so that the histogram on the back of your camera correctly indicates when channels are clipped.

Where do I get this UNIWB thing then, thanks?

One method for doing UNIWB involves loading a custom picture control, which you can only do with NX. This was more work than needed. I use the most straightforward way to neutralize all of the in-camera processing so that the numbers on the histogram are the closest to the numbers coming off the sensor. I use the "neutral" picture control, and set WB to 5600K.

If you've been using the "standard" or even the "portrait" picture control, you will see a big difference in the apparent exposure. Learning to use the "neutral" (read as "linear") tone curve was the most important thing I ever learned in processing pictures. You will get the most accurate colors at the outset, and can do what is needed to preserve their integrity as a matter of choice.

I use neutral. All it's doing really is showing you a neutral jpg histogram. No such thing as Raw histograms on the D800...

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