Developing α7 RAW images

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Re: Developing α7 RAW images

Digital Nigel wrote:

i think that there is a check box for that, that you have to select every time that you want to use unconstrained? why can't it work like other apps do? just let me select the tool and drag the box, lol

I don't think it's unreasonable for it to assume you'd like to crop while retaining the current aspect ratio.

is it reasonable that the user can't change that assumption?

limiting user choices like that is why this software has a bad rep for usability... it's right up there with not letting the user opt out of previewing every single image on the folder.

another irritation with dxo is that you need to buy the lens creator(?) software to get full ca capability, if i remember correctly... i paid $180, only to get a grayed-out choice there.

I've never heard of the Lens creator software? What does it do? Why do you need it?

as was pointed out earlier, dxo doesn't have any software for creating lens profiles, so there isn't any automatic lateral ca correction capability, among other things... i assumed that viewpoint would let you do it, but no.

this is only an issue for people who use glass that hasn't been profiled by dxo.

thx for your input, it was helpful, at least i now know that i can't get out of that image previewing.

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