Trouble for Nikon?

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Re: China asks Nikon to halt all D600 sales

Timbukto wrote:

Horshack wrote:

Nikon had $1.6B of sales in China last year, China is the largest emerging market on the planet, and reputation is of supreme importance to Chinese consumers. Nikon is in trouble.

Yes this is true...people like to think that Americans as a whole are rather 'sheeple' and pay too much attention to brand image, marketing, and reputation over actual quality, etc (i.e. Beats headphones, etc). The importance of brand image is actually *worse* (i.e. greater) in many Asian countries including China. And if they feel they are getting poorer service compared to Americas or Europe its a nail in the coffin.

If I remember correctly the Nikon exec interviews were all 'China China China'...the headline of this OP is absolutely valid...its considerable trouble for Nikon.

Absolutely.  The Chinese who buy expensive gear are ALL about quality.  It is hard to imagine a worse situation for Nikon here in China.   This will end up very, very badly for Nikon.

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