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Re: PR Nightmare

Photo Pete wrote:

The D600 has become a real PR nightmare for Nikon. They should have fessed up WAY sooner, lest a cover-up model (D610) and at least 2 class-action lawsuits filed in the U.S.

The 2nd service advisory to assess and replace defective shutters of D600's (regardless of warranty expiration) is at least a start to regain goodwill among some consumers. However, for some the damage has been done.

Nikon built their reputation on the old F series due to professional build and bomb proof construction. They built their loyal following by retaining compatibility with their old lenses and accessories whilst other manufacturers changed mounts. In other words they gave the impression of quality, long lasting value and honouring their customers' investment.

Fuji have recognised these qualities and are successfully emulating the approach.

Fujifilm cameras are not even remotely bomb proof.  They don't even have professional build quality.  Compare a Nikon F model to an X-T1 and see the difference.

Nikon however are of the mistaken belief that they will be more successful by cutting costs at the expense of their reputation.

Very sad and very terminal if it continues.
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