Trouble for Nikon?

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Re: Trouble for Nikon?

I don't have a dog in this fight but have been following this issue. It really speaks to me of the lack of quality control and the loose tolerances on the manufacturing line. Nikon may have well designed very good cameras with the D600/800. Their intentions for their success by the user might have been stellar. But once those designs leave for a full production run, and profit from those runs are paramount for the executive hierarchy and the survival of the company, and the bits and bobs to put the camera together come in from the far reaches of the globe, it's no wonder we, the consumers, end up with something that looks like a duck; quacks like a duck; but actually isn't a duck.

Just in the news GM sells out all these cars over many years and only now is the CEO saying they have done something "terribly wrong"

The consumer is supposed to buy in order to keep all these world economies going, but we can't even count on the things we're buying to be functionally correct.

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