An obituary for my 12-50mm

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Re: An obituary for my 12-50mm

drpoop wrote:

So I did it. I sold my 12-50mm kit lens for $250 and its now aiding in the purchase of a shinny new 12-40mm!

I enjoyed the 12-50mm very much, I always felt I had a friend in that lens. It didn't need me to baby it and I never expected much from it, but was always surprised at the results I did get with it. I ended up printing out quite a few captures from that lens, with many positive comments from friends and family. That says a lot, considering I had planned on selling it as soon as I got my EM5. But no. Almost 2 years later, I finally parted with it. There are many on this forum that understand the 12-50mm for what it is... a great all around performer. It wasn't terribly sharp or fast, but what it did was give you the freedom to be ready for most shooting situations. A walkabout lens. A travel lens. A video lens. A macro lens. Portrait and landscape. I'm sad to see it go.

But, I'm very excited about it's replacement.

I hang on to my 12-50 because I like to have a backup lens in the standard range.

(I am sooo glad I did not sell my 14-54 because I used it extensively when the 12-60 broke down).

But truth be told : it has not been on my camera anymore since I got the 12-40.

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