What might a G1X II offer that an EOS M w/ Pancake Zoom might not?

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Re: What might a G1X II offer that an EOS M w/ Pancake Zoom might not?

Marco Nero wrote:

Solar Eagle wrote:

That is, supposing that an EOS M pancake zoom eventually comes along?

I haven't really used my G1X since getting an EOS M, due to its smaller size, better optics, larger sensor for 3:2 shooting, and my preference for EOS over Powershot jpeg processing.

The 5cm macro is perhaps the most enticing thing about the G1X II, as I'm guessing an EOS M pancake zoom wouldn't be able to achieve that. The flip screen is another selling point. I would guess lens sharpness would be about the same, and the G1X II would likely pack a wider zoom range. Camera size, sensor size, and jpeg processing would still be to the advantage of the EOS M.

Maybe the better question is, why sit around waiting on the possibility of an EOS pancake zoom when I can have a G1X II in a couple months? lol

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Solar Eagle | Wizard

You won't see a pancake zoom from Canon for the EOS-M. Not much point with the existing lenses available for it. But a 50mm Prime is on the cards. Personally I'd like to see a decent EF-M Macro lens for this camera.

So idea what you mean by "my preference for EOS over Powershot jpeg processing."
EOS DEFINITION: "Canon EOS (Electro-Optical System) is an autofocus single-lens reflex camera (SLR) camera series produced by Canon Inc. Introduced in 1987"

Here's my suggestion to Canon:

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Marco Nero.


Mark III, of course.

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