Sold my 5DMkII and ordered the 6D, was it the right decision? What do you mean?

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Re: Sold my 5DMkII and ordered the 6D, was it the right decision? What do you mean?

Thanks for the hint. I'll do so.

Today I had a couple of hours to play with the new toy. I have still mixed feelings : as it was reported many times on this forum, I realised how bad the 6D smears low contrast detail for ex. in  a landscape shot, if you shoot jpeg, fortunately with raw this problem does not exist.

After a couple of shots I agree with you that shadow lifting is not the best idea with the 6D either.

The blotchy colors and banding of the 5D2 are gone, but the noise is still there. But I don't want to start another Canon - Nikon / Sony DR thread, which topic was discussed largely and deeply in this forum.

I think I'll use the 6D in a similar way like I used my 5D2 beside my Nikon. For portraiture and high ISO stuff it will rule, but for low ISO and DR i.e. landscape shots the D7100 will do a better job.

After the first couple of shots I have the feeling that the AF of the 6D is also much  more reliable than that of the 5D2. Center point was sure very good in the 5D2 but the rest gave me many disappointments, but also the center point with bad artificial light and big lens apertures.

Now the first impression with the AF module is much better.

Joachim Gerstl wr

The 6D will be better in regards of AF and high Iso noise. Extreme shadow lifting is still not recommended. I would rather expose to the right and recover the highlights.

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